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Recovering Compensation for Injuries to Children
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As a parent, you want to provide for your children, to enhance their growth, to encourage their goals, and to ensure their safety. An accident that brings suffering or harm to your child is probably your greatest fear.

When an accident results in serious injuries to children, parents must act quickly in order to preserve valuable evidence and secure much-needed compensation. Serving the Ann Arbor community since 1981, the attorneys at Ferris & Salter, P.C. understand the unique considerations in claims arising from injuries to children. Our attorneys, Don Ferris and Heidi Salter-Ferris, always take the time to address clients' concerns, apprise them of their rights, and outline their legal options.

Michigan Accidents Involving Children

While children are susceptible to many of the same accidents as adults, they are much more likely to suffer serious injuries. In addition, the natural curiosity of children often draws them to inherently dangerous areas. Attractive nuisances, such as areas under construction, trampolines, swimming pools, or other settings are often the immediate target of adventure-seeking children.

Our attorneys represent clients in personal injury and wrongful death claims arising from injuries to children, including:

  • Car accidents that cause spinal cord injuries (paralysis), internal injuries or other catastrophic injuries
  • School bus accidents that result in complex fractures
  • Bicycle or pedestrian accidents where children are hit by a car or truck
  • Dog bites or animal attacks that lead to lacerations, facial injuries, or permanent scarring and plastic surgery
  • Swimming pool accidents involving a child drowning, or slipping and falling on a pool deck

Long-Term Effects of Childhood Injuries

When a child sustains a serious injury, a comprehensive medical analysis is needed to determine the extent of the injury, as well as the consequences the injury will have on the child's growth and development. Will surgery be necessary as the child grows? Will the child's growth be hindered? What psychological effects will the injury cause the child to endure throughout childhood and into adulthood?

In order to ensure the child receives adequate compensation for his or her future care, we will calculate both potential long-term healthcare costs and any other special needs. Rest assured, our diligent attorneys will help ensure that your child's financial recovery after a serious accident sufficiently addresses the entire picture — past, present, and future needs.

Parents must act now... Otherwise it may be too late

Some parents may feel that the emotional cost of pursuing a lawsuit is more than their child can endure during their formative years and delay the pursuit of any legal action. However, critical evidence can disappear, memories can fade, and — most importantly — the statute of limitations may expire. If the statute of limitations has lapsed, the child will be barred from pursuing a claim.

Contact our personal injury lawyers at Ferris & Salter, P.C. to discuss the injuries to your child. A free case evaluation can provide you with answers and enable you to make an informed decision regarding a possible lawsuit. We collect no attorney fees unless you collect compensation for your child. Home and hospital visits, or after-hours consultations are available by appointment.

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